IPSO is an international non-governmental organisation aimed at bridging the gap between rigorous academic and scientific research and implementation of policies on the ground. To achieve this mission, its two main bodies are a Research Centre and an Operative Division. The Research Centre is a think-tank with resident and visiting world-class researchers who actively engage in professional academic careers within and without IPSO. The Operative Division draws directly from the results of the Research Centre and operates on the ground by implementing projects sponsored by IPSO or by third parties.

IPSO is apolitical in nature and independent from any governmental or non-governmental agency. It operates uniquely following rigorous scientific research results and for the sole scope of bringing sustainability to areas affected by socio-economic disparities.

Gianluca BONANNO
President (Ph.D.)

With more people being able to afford higher education, an ever-growing number of professional policy makers, and an equally growing number of people working in the social sector, the last two decades have paradoxically shown how these worlds have developed more into sealed-off compartments than into interacting communities. Acknowledging the high individual achievements of the three sectors, the perception that the flow between them is insufficient, and at times inefficient, is reflected in the existent feeling of distrust the parties have of one another.

Notwithstanding the institutional challenges of a more sincere collaboration among these three worlds, I firmly believe that the social sector should work complementarily with governments, and both should act only following informed decisions, that are only possible if corroborated by rigorous and impartial research results.

This urge for professional social responsibility lies behind the establishment of IPSO. WIth our resident and visiting researchers, we take advantage of the best resources in the academia to come up with results that are completely independent from social or political pressures of sort. Our experienced operatives then work in close collaboration with social workers to design and implement projects that have a real impact on the ground. IPSO and its sponsors then take full responsiblity of following up the development of such endeavours even after the direct implementation period has ended.

Hence, this is our vision: to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and to do this job constructively with our colleagues from other disciplines.

contact me at: president@ipso.ngo


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