Welcome to the Kyoto Peace Conference 2021 proposals page!

Through this page, you will familiarise with the conference format, so you can decide what type of participation and level of engagement suits you best. The conference is open to all practitioners of peace and sustainability, without distinction. Admission is subject to the submission of a concept note of:

1. pre-organised, multi-disciplinary and intersectoral panels and roundtables

2. individual contributions (to be grouped by our committee into panels)

Panels shall have 4 participants, including a moderator. The moderator shall both deliver a presentation and moderate the session. Overall duration is 90 minutes, including 10 to 15 minutes of interaction with the audience. Panel organisers shall submit a panel summary of 250 words, plus 250 words of abstract for each presentation. Individual contributions shall be requested by equally submitting a 250-word abstract.

Roundtables shall have 4 to 5 participants, including a moderator. Overall duration is 60 minutes. Roundtable organisers shall submit a summary of 500 words.

Besides academic presentations, we strongly encourage submissions of a wide variety of innovative contributions, including but not limited to commentaries of photographic projects or audio-video documentaries.


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