This project was a Global Grant pilot project, totally funded by Rotary International, to which all credit goes. IPSO’s three directors, Dr. Bonanno, Dr. Acharya, and Mr. DiNapoli, participated as project experts (with Dr. Bonanno being also the project leader), delivering training and overseeing all phases of the project.

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Vocational Training Team project: water resources management and water-related relief operations in Gunung Kidul, Indonesia

The project was designed to provide both the Indonesian trainees as well as the local people with a comprehensive knowledge of water resources management, with particular attention to the utilisation of already existing resources and the maximisation of local skills. Training activities were provided with regard to: local authorities’ sensitisation; people’s participation; water harvesting and storage methods; education on water quality and sanitation; local economic development through the maximisation of spill-over effects deriving from water security; benefits redistribution; and engagement of neighbouring local communities. All of the activities were carefully designed and implemented around the community needs as indicated by the local community, alongside information collected by the team members.

By raising the awareness of local people (both trainees and villagers) about the topics of the project, the team’s work has outstandingly advanced the goals of all the areas of focus identified within this project (water and sanitation; community economic development), both as immediate needs as well as mid- to long-term benefits. The area will no longer suffer from drinking water shortages; people will have access to safe water, which in turn drastically reduces the incidence of water-related diseases, malnutrition and child mortality; people now have a solid basic education on water-related sanitation; women will benefit from their and their children’s improved condition and will be able to engage in other activities, increasing the area’s productivity; children will be able to attend schools further away; and the area will be lifted from economic stagnation.

  • Progress (Dec 2012 – Dec 2013) 100% 100%
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